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Malajar 2 years ago
Im not sure of this lol
Samujar 2 years ago
Speaking of JW's, I had a neighbor once who was constantly annoyed with them coming over and trying to convert him. So one day, instead of closing the door in their faces, he told them they could come in and he would give them 30 minutes to convince him to become a JW ONLY if they would then sit for 30 minutes while HE convinced them to become a Southern Baptist. They didn't last 5 minutes and never darkened his door again.
Dizshura 2 years ago
Sent you a chat hope to work with you again! : Love your vids!
Fezilkree 2 years ago
Hey cutie, not sure if you're using kik anymore but I messaged you on there. It'd be easier to get in touch with me from there rather than here
Jugor 2 years ago
Ojala me la comiera a mi tambien

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