Hello Rachel and Sanjeev,

I wanted to write to tell you my clients loved their day trip. Everything went perfectly, as you said. They said the guide was extremely knowledgeable, the sights were beautiful, lunch was delicious, and all went as planned. They had a very good time.

A tiny thing that was mentioned that seemed a little strange was that beverages, including water, were extra at lunch. It would seem that non alcoholic beverages and water would be considered part of a meal.

And a VERY BIG thank you to the tour company. An older couple from the group left their passports on the bus. They were at the train station about to head back to Delhi and someone from the tour company found them and ran them to the train station. What a disaster that would have been as they were taking a flight at 4am late that night back home. So thank you, thank you , thank you. They asked that if I could get in touch with the tour company to again express their gratitude for their efforts to please do so!

Thank you for making our clients day trip a wonderful experience.


Dawn Hackett

International and Domestic Travel Counselor

Allure Travel by CTM

Quick Booking

Same Day Vrindavan


08.00AM:Pick up facility from Delhi


Tour Cost: USD 60 per person based on 02 pax
Tour Cost: USD 115 total for single pax


Fees for all monument
Fare of air conditioned transport
Mineral water
Lunch: Basis buffet (fixed)
Local guide during sightseeing


Starting Time: Post breakfast


All about Vrindavan

Vrindavan in Mathura is the sacred place where devotion blows in the air. Lord Krishna was born in Mathura and brought up in Vrindavan. 5,000 temples are dedicated to his name in Mathura. It’s enough to declare this holy land as lord Krishna’s childhood place.


This tour begins with the heart of Brajabhumi ‘Mathura’ which is located 140 km south-east of Delhi & 60 Km northwest of Agra. Stretched across 3,800 sq. Km, Brajabhumi stands as divider region. On eastern side, it has trans-Yamuna tract including Gokul, Mahavan, Baldeo, Mat and Bajna. Moving ahead to west, the Yamuna seems making borderline of Vrindavan, Govardhan, Kusum Sarovar, Barsana & Nandgaon (Nandgram).


Kotban near Hodel gives entry to ‘Braj’ which is around 95 Km from Delhi. Runbakuta is its last territory where accounts of poet Surdas, Lord Krishna’s ardent devotee, are on everyone’s lips.


Kissing water to the steps of lined-up picturesque ghats (banks), dome-like gateways and temple spires extending neck-to-neck with the Yamuna River cite the story of sacred Mathura. For Hindus, it’s a significant birthplace of lord Krishna that is a pious pilgrimage.


Inclusive lunch at restaurant will wind-up your visit to temples.


Divine Dip at Kesi Ghat, Vrindavan

Myths present lord Krishna as ‘playful figure’. Kesi Ghat at the bank of Yamuna announces him as a ‘demon killer’. It is the place for sacred dip as lord Krishna took at this very ghat after killing demon ‘Kesi’. His devotees follow his footprints taking divine bath at the ghat. Ritualistic Arti is done to appease Yamuna Devi.


Taking devotional memories with you, we will be back to Delhi with you.


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