Hello Rachel and Sanjeev,

I wanted to write to tell you my clients loved their day trip. Everything went perfectly, as you said. They said the guide was extremely knowledgeable, the sights were beautiful, lunch was delicious, and all went as planned. They had a very good time.

A tiny thing that was mentioned that seemed a little strange was that beverages, including water, were extra at lunch. It would seem that non alcoholic beverages and water would be considered part of a meal.

And a VERY BIG thank you to the tour company. An older couple from the group left their passports on the bus. They were at the train station about to head back to Delhi and someone from the tour company found them and ran them to the train station. What a disaster that would have been as they were taking a flight at 4am late that night back home. So thank you, thank you , thank you. They asked that if I could get in touch with the tour company to again express their gratitude for their efforts to please do so!

Thank you for making our clients day trip a wonderful experience.


Dawn Hackett

International and Domestic Travel Counselor

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Full Day Akshardham Sightseeing


09.00AM: Pick up from your hotel in


Tour Cost: USD 40 per person based on 02 pax

Tour Cost: USD 65 total for single pax


All monument fees as per itinerary
Well Versed with English Local Guide
Air conditioned Transport
Mineral water
Guided Tour


3,000 years old city ‘Delhi’ has diverse dynasties, uprisings and rulers in its manifold. Many historians have raised it from its ashes many a times in their accounts. Its inhabitants have a treasure of stories about its battles, splendor, kings, their manners, ideas, creations & lives. The fortification & settlement of Delhi site apparently say it has been revamped from seven to fifteen times. However, its revamping figure is controversial. Anyhow, whosoever had ruled over here, he marked his imprints, either it is in architecture or ruling.


Places of Interest

Akshardham Temple


This visit to Akshardham temple is no less than a walk in the abode of spirituality. Seeing the humble tribute to Bhagwan Swaminarayan, the avtars, devas & great Hindu sages will recall the 10,000 years of enriched & splendid India’s culture. Its timeless spiritual messages, vibrant devotional tradition and ancient architecture will absorb you completely. Its enlightening journey will enchant you with India’s glorious art, values & contributors to its bliss & progress.


Visit Temple hall

Sahajanand Darshan

Audio Animatronics Shows


This exhibition hides secrets of happiness, success & peace of mind in its each element. Fifteen 3-D dioramas & slide show based on Bhagwan Swaminarayan’s life will access the wonder of non-violence, endeavor, prayer, morality, veganism, family harmony etc.. Robotics, fibre optics, light & sound effects, dialogues & soul touching music will glue your eyes to the statues & settings in every diorama. With each view, you will get advanced to 18th century.


Thereafter, the Guide will reveal you how puzzling, precise & beautiful the life is. With this, you will come to know the hidden interdependency between the man, nature & the god; life sustenance through elemental role of earth, water, fire, air & sky. Eventually, sacrifice through mind, body & soul crucially pays back to the nature.


Screening Neelkanth Darshan in Film Studio

The guide will accompany you to the screening of an epic period film. Watching the pilgrimage of 18th century’s Neelkanth Varni, a child yogi, dumbstruck shots of snow-capped Himalayas in north to Kerala’s pristine shores in south, holy places, festivals & spiritual traditions on gigantic screen will be an awesome experience to your memory. This unique wide format film is first of its kind ever produced by an Indian organization.


Mystic India is an internationally large format version of ‘Neelkanth Darshan’. Its uniqueness can be projected through:

  • Its filming in 108 locations of India with 30 giant settings
  • 45,000 cast in colourful costumes
  • 18th century’s vivid experience
  • Giant screen: 85' x 65' ft.

Further, the guide en route you to the Boat Ride for fun.

Sanskruti Vihar

While aboard the boat, India's 10,000 year old glorious heritage will be before you in till 12 minutes. You will be an onlooker of:

The world’s oldest Vedic village life and bazaar

  • Savor the world’s oldest Vedic village life and bazaar
  • Takshashila – the world’s first university
  • Ancient discoveries and inventions by the great rishi-scientists of India


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