Hello Rachel and Sanjeev,

I wanted to write to tell you my clients loved their day trip. Everything went perfectly, as you said. They said the guide was extremely knowledgeable, the sights were beautiful, lunch was delicious, and all went as planned. They had a very good time.

A tiny thing that was mentioned that seemed a little strange was that beverages, including water, were extra at lunch. It would seem that non alcoholic beverages and water would be considered part of a meal.

And a VERY BIG thank you to the tour company. An older couple from the group left their passports on the bus. They were at the train station about to head back to Delhi and someone from the tour company found them and ran them to the train station. What a disaster that would have been as they were taking a flight at 4am late that night back home. So thank you, thank you , thank you. They asked that if I could get in touch with the tour company to again express their gratitude for their efforts to please do so!

Thank you for making our clients day trip a wonderful experience.


Dawn Hackett

International and Domestic Travel Counselor

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The 1857 Mutiny Tour – The Gripping story of the Siege of Delhi


Flashback to the 1857 mutiny
In Englishmen’s words, the mutiny of 1857 was ‘Sepoy Mutiny’. Momentous events of 1857 dragged the nation to historic turning point where rift between the sepoys and the Company turned tremendously larger. The fourteen months long rebel since May’57 to June’58 left the nation burning. India’s civilians & sepoys joined hand in hands for uprooting the Company rule. This grand resistance’ spark became flame spreading it across the Gangetic plain & central India.


The bridle of mutiny was in the frail hands of the 82-year old Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah II. Delhi was snatched from the Company by Indian rebel troops in May’57. Reinforcements from the Sikh, Gorkha, Pathan and other regiments strengthened the British force. With strengthened troops, the company launched serial attacks. Finally, Delhi again became its puppet. On September 20th, Bahadur Shah gave-up & the very next day was the last day for his sons & grandson. Major Hudson reinstated English rule shooting Indina princes. The prominent brigadier John Nicholas succumbed to his injuries on September 22nd, just a day post taking over Delhi. Famous Kipling recorded his name in his book ‘Kim’ to immortalize him. A song was, too, dedicated to this martyr. Here is its extract:


Ahee! Nikal Seyn is dead — he died before Delhi!

Lances of the North, take vengeance for Nikal Seyn!


Collapsed leadership crippled the mutiny. The uprising took its last breath after his death. British put off its sparks completely within one year & its flag, again, furled. The Englishmen launched ‘Devil’s Wind’ campaign for taking pan India charge. Thousands of innocent civilians, including whole village population, were assassinated in one go without trail. This sin occurred just to blow off the mutiny completely. But in 1858, Queen Elizabeth took charge from the dissolved East India Company formally.


Historic places to explore:
To exhibiting the traces of this mutiny, we will drive you to the Red Fort. It is the very place where the Indian rebel troops collected under Bahadur Shah’s banner & thousands were noosed. However, beautiful architecture buildings were demolished & few were converted to army barracks.


The next venue will be Nicholson’s Cemetery where his remains were buried.

The Telegraph Memorial will be the third destination of this tour. It is dedicated to Todd, Bendish & Pilkington who raised alarm to announce about the Delhi Mutiny on May 11th.

Kashmere Gate will be the fourth step of your tour that was break opened during the mutiny.

As fifth footstep of your tour, you will have a symbol of martyrdom called ‘the Mutiny Memorial’.


Duration: 4 hours.


Optional extension: If this four hours tour will seem short of calming down your curiosity, then you can elongate to full day tour of eight hours.
Lunch at Oberoi Maidens will satisfy your appetite to the fullest. You can have it post visit to the foregone places.
In extension of your tour, we have Flag Staff Tower where the British survivors assembled on May 11th 1857; Civil Lines, the epicenter where the arms & weapons were piled up, & Humayun’s Tomb, where Bahadur Shah bowed down and his sons were massacred.


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