Hello Rachel and Sanjeev,

I wanted to write to tell you my clients loved their day trip. Everything went perfectly, as you said. They said the guide was extremely knowledgeable, the sights were beautiful, lunch was delicious, and all went as planned. They had a very good time.

A tiny thing that was mentioned that seemed a little strange was that beverages, including water, were extra at lunch. It would seem that non alcoholic beverages and water would be considered part of a meal.

And a VERY BIG thank you to the tour company. An older couple from the group left their passports on the bus. They were at the train station about to head back to Delhi and someone from the tour company found them and ran them to the train station. What a disaster that would have been as they were taking a flight at 4am late that night back home. So thank you, thank you , thank you. They asked that if I could get in touch with the tour company to again express their gratitude for their efforts to please do so!

Thank you for making our clients day trip a wonderful experience.


Dawn Hackett

International and Domestic Travel Counselor

Allure Travel by CTM

About North India Excursions


Our incredible North India tours packages never let you go off unlimited pleasure & fun. Excursions to Delhi, Agra, Vridavan, Haridwar & Jaipur under our service will be no less than that of an unforgettable joyous ride while tracing history, spirituality, devotion, fun & adventure. Want to access what we have in our itinerary, have a look:


Delhi is a blend of two traditions. The old Islamic tradition of Old Delhi walks parallel to Lutyen’s New Delhi. Crumbling havelis & formidable mosques make the labyrinthine narrow lanes worthy to peep into Old Delhi, whereas, New Delhi is relatively sorted with space, tree-lines avenues and splendid government buildings. Dynasties came & became bygone talk but Delhi stayed alive. Day by day, it is enriching its vibrancy, diversity, modernity but keeping the precious past ‘intact’ in its store. Few invaders crushed it profusely but few turned ‘good souls’ & gave a new lifeline by revamping it.


The past is stored as ‘precious pearls’ that chronicles of Chandra Bardai & Amir Khusro tell. The glitter of dazzling gems, eye-catching ancient monuments, dumbstruck architecture, ‘wow’ museums & art galleries, magnetic folks, picturesque art scenes, crowded food stalls and buzzing markets bring fascination in motion.


Moving to the next venue will be full of wonder for you. The monument that has been keeping India in global talk is here in Agra. Not only one of the seven wonders the ‘Taj Mahal’ but beautiful Agra fort & cenotaph of Mirza Ghivas & Asmat Begum are also here. The north India tour packages fix your get together with all these. These must-to-watch tourists’ hubs in Uttar Pradesh spark & then, end the curiosity of history-lovers.


Further you will have Vrindavan and Haridwar, the Hindu pilgrimage, in the next venture. The fore spiritual spot will take you to the journey of Dwapar Yuga when Krishna spent his childhood in Vrindavan. The latter will introduce you to the gateway to Rishikesh, Badrinath & Kedarnath.


Pink city Jaipur will miss a beat from your heart that will start desiring more closure look to its extremely colourful culture & wonderful idyllic life. Artifacts, monuments, forts, palaces and museums will woo your core by their extravagant magnificence.


Our full-fledge north India tour packages ensure comfort at your service by availing world-class pick up & drop off facilities, accommodation, food & mineral water at cost-effective price. Believe! These excursions will add-on worthy citation in your talks for lifelong.